The Venire™ Parking Management System is a comprehensive access control system suitable for medium to large organizations that require monitoring of incoming and outgoing vehicles.  With customizable smart card technology, voice prompts, and a user friendly display, the Venire™ Parking Management System is simple and hassle free solution.  Automatic billing can be programmed for complete automation.

Built to last, the system is complete with highly durable anti-shock exterior which can withstand a lightning strike or power surges.  We recommend using the Venire™ Parking Management System in conjunction with blockers for a complete and well rounded security solution.


  • Suitable for residential buildings, intelligent buildings, commercial centers, airport terminals,
  • Cards available include: monthly, hourly, stored value, senior management, VIP, etc.
  • Automatic billing, cost display, automatic counting functions such as vehicle access
  • User friendly LED display (content can be set)
  • Independent voice systems and voice prompts
  • Variety of charging methods available
  • Intuitive and friendly software interface
  • Hardware and software has “one button” recovery
  • Highly stable with anti-lightning, voltage, and short circuit protection
  • Real-time communication, off-grid operation, and other functions available


Card Speed < 0.2 Seconds
Punch Speed < 0.5 Seconds
Sensing Distance Supports remote sensing
Reader Frequency 125 KHz
Card Capacity 41,250
Data Capacity 88,226
Offline Capability Fixed user support
Network  RS485, RS232, TCP/IP
Data Retention 10 Years
Operating Voltage AC220
Working Current < 1A
Operating Temperature -13­° to 122° F / -25° to 50° C
Operating Humidity 10% to 90%
Dimensions 17″×13″×53″ in / 45×33×134 cm
Part Number VEN-PAR1