Venire™ bollards are perfect for all light security needs where a retractable option is necessary.  From traffic control to limited access pathways, this bollard is the obvious choice for ease of use and economical, maintenance-free operation. The bollard lifts easily and locks into place and just as easily can be retracted for pedestrian safety..

The Venire™ bollard can be embedded in concrete for simple and secure installations. Its clean and versatile design is highly visible with consistent aesthetics that suit any modern building or landscape. High-quality stainless steel with satin finish features high resistance to corrosion and weathering.


  • Durable, high load-bearing design
  • Microprocessor/PLC Control for easy integration
  • Can link with road-blockers and other access control hardware
  • Manual operation in the event of power failure
  • Low pressure hydraulic drive technology
  • Remote control from up to 30 meters away
  • Sealed housing eliminates dust and moisture
  • LED warning lights for night time operation
  • Low noise pneumatic hydraulic drive unit
  • 3 second lift/lower time
  • Energy efficient design


System Control Electric hydraulic pressure
Max Load Capacity 70 tons
Power 220 V / 380 V (control voltage 24 V)
System Dynamic Power 1.5 KW / 2.2 KW
Rise/Lower Time 3 to 6 seconds (adjustable)
Working Temperature 14° to 167° F (-10° to 75° C)
Lifting Height 600 mm
Wall Thickness 6 mm
Material 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel electrophoresis paint coating
Diameter  219 mm
Weight Up to 396 lbs

Available Models

BOL-ST1 Standard Bollard
BOL-ST1-HPS11 Standard 1 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-ST1-HPS12 Standard 2 Hydraulic
BOL-ST1-HPS13 Standard 3 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-SE1-HPS11 Security 1 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-SE1-HPS14 Security 4 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-ST1-HPS14 Standard 4 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-SE1-HPS12 Security 2 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-SE1-HPS13 Security 3 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-ML1-HPS11 Military 1 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-ML1-HPS12 Military 2 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-ML1-HPS13 Military 3 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-ML1-HPS14 Military 4 Hydraulic Bollard