Retractable Security Bollard


Retractable Bollards Introduction

The Venire® retractable bollards are perfect for all light security needs where a retractable option is necessary.  From traffic control to limited access pathways, these bollard is the obvious choice for ease of use and economical, maintenance-free operation. The bollard lifts easily and locks into place and just as easily can be retracted for pedestrian safety.

Each retractable bollard can be embedded in concrete for simple and secure installations. The clean and versatile design is highly visible with consistent aesthetics that suit any modern building or landscape. High-quality stainless steel with satin finish features high resistance to corrosion and weathering.


  • Durable, high load-bearing design
  • Microprocessor/PLC Control for easy integration
  • Can link with road-blockers and other access control hardware
  • Manual operation in the event of power failure
  • Low pressure hydraulic drive technology
  • Remote control from up to 30 meters away
  • Sealed housing eliminates dust and moisture
  • LED warning lights for night time operation
  • Low noise pneumatic hydraulic drive unit
  • 3 second lift/lower time
  • Energy efficient design



System ControlElectric hydraulic pressure
Max Load Capacity70 tons
Power220 V / 380 V (control voltage 24 V)
System Dynamic Power1.5 KW / 2.2 KW
Rise/Lower Time3 to 6 seconds (adjustable)
Working Temperature14° to 167° F (-10° to 75° C)
Lifting Height600 mm
Wall Thickness6 mm
Material304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel electrophoresis paint coating
Diameter 219 mm
WeightUp to 396 lbs

Available Models

BOL-ST1Standard Bollard
BOL-ST1-HPS11Standard 1 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-ST1-HPS12Standard 2 Hydraulic
BOL-ST1-HPS13Standard 3 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-SE1-HPS11Security 1 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-SE1-HPS14Security 4 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-ST1-HPS14Standard 4 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-SE1-HPS12Security 2 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-SE1-HPS13Security 3 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-ML1-HPS11Military 1 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-ML1-HPS12Military 2 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-ML1-HPS13Military 3 Hydraulic Bollard
BOL-ML1-HPS14Military 4 Hydraulic Bollard